The Importance of Strong Garage Doors

The Importance of Strong Garage Doors

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Garage doors are not mere symbols of security. They are the means to ensure security and safety. They are actual doors, which separate our private worlds with external threats. Such threats have many faces! We must not only protect our properties from intruders but also from strong winds, elements and hurricanes. We must also make sure our loved ones are protected from the door itself and it's our job to see that it never becomes a safety hazard. With garage door maintenance many problems are solved. With good and frequent inspections we can prevent issues and fix them. Though, it's equally important to make a right choice when it comes to materials. Strong doors are made of sturdy materials and they can really stand up to our expectations.

Invest in low gauge steel garage door parts

The Importance of Strong Garage DoorsLet's take a look at an extreme situation. There's a hurricane passing close by and you have shielded the whole house. Is your overhead door ready to withstand the spinning force of the wind? Failure to install steel braces at the back of the door and multiple hinges and brackets to secure the tracks might lead to tragedies. The door won't stand still. It will be blown away and eventually your house will be too. The door must comply with the windload regulations and having strong steel doors, u-bars and heavy duty garage door brackets are certainly included.

In fact, steel must be of low gauge number. The lowest the number, the stronger the material! It's not accidental that most steel garage doors are made of 24-gauge steel. 27 gauge steel is not recommended unless you have double steel panels. When it comes to garage door parts, the gauge number will drop further. You might need to get 14-gauge steel brackets and hinges, especially if we are talking about hurricane prone areas. The durability of the components will make a great difference to the stability of the door. It will stay intact even during strong thunderstorms and resist force attempts.

Of course, such powerful doors will protect you all the way. The property will be secured against burglaries and the door won't become a threat to you as long as it is maintained. Such strong doors will resist impact with any object – whether we are talking about flying objects and tree sticks during windstorms or balls. So, you'll be safer and you won't have to deal with dents.

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