Electric garage door service must only be done by professionals

If you are wondering how to repair garage doors, check out the answers here

What are the differences between types of garage doors?

The main difference between types of garage doors is the mechanism on which they operate. For example, a sliding garage door mainly works on wheels, while an overhead works on hinges. Rollup, as the name suggests, rolls up the gate above, and swinging works just like a regular door.

What is the most convenient type of garage door?

According to our specialists, an automatic garage door with remotes and sensors is the most convenient. There are types of automatic garage doors that open once they detect the vehicle nearby. Most work with a push of a button on a remote inside the car or by the door.

Will a garage door opener work with a low ceiling garage?

A residential garage door needs a minimum measurement of 4 ½ inches of headroom space. If you have a low ceiling garage, your door system will need a low headroom track system. However, if you want to install an opener, our door experts says that you will need more headroom measuring at least 6 ½ inches.

What are the pros and cons of a wood garage door?

Some of the advantages of wood garage doors are aesthetic, good insulation both from temperature and noise, and mostly customized to fit your style, preference and requirements. However, the disadvantages are these garage doors are heavy, they require more frequent maintenance and they are also expensive, especially those that are custom made.

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